Overview: Programs

Between 1993-2003, Imagine Chicago developed and ran programs in Chicago in collaboration with local partners in mission.  Learn about major programs and their impacts below.

Overview of Imagine Chicago’s major program initiatives in Chicago

Renewing Public Education

  • Urban Imagination Network School Redevelopment

  • Urban Imagination Network Teacher Renewal

  • UIN Parent Development

  • Reading and Writing a City

Citizen Leadership

  • Citizen Leaders

  • Englewood Intergenerational Community Development Organizing

  • Making Civic Connections

  • Nomkhubulwane

Community Health Connections

  • Connections that work

  • Moving to Health

  • Women Alive

  • Ubumama

Faith & Public Life

  • God`s Imagination for the City

  • Sacred Spaces, Public Places

  • Faith in the City

Corporate Community Connections

  • British Airways World Sales conference