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An interview in Fayetteville Arkansas with Bliss Browne about Nomkhubulwane. Ozarks Unbound interviews Bliss Brown about Nomkhubulwane, a sculpture of a life-sized female elephant made of recycled tires by South African artist Andries Botha. Uploaded May 25, 2010

Bliss Browne on visual frameworks. In the short video Bliss Talks about how visuals can be valuable in social construction. Uploaded by Bigger Picture Video on Aug 20, 2009

An interview (in French) of Bliss Browne in 2011 by the city of Nantes about citizen engagement.  Posted on dailymotion.com

"Think like a Mother" by Bliss Browne  2011. Tedx talk by Bliss Browne given in Kyiv, Ukraine on thinking like a mother about social entrepreneurship.

“A Conversation with the Future.”  Bliss Browne offers reflections at the TedX Nantes conference on the future of the city. How do we proceed from the whole in a way which benefits the whole?

“Understand-Imagine-Create.” An interview of Bliss Browne in 2011 by the city of Nantes about citizen engagement. (in French)

“Four Ways to Enhance the Communications Environment.” An interview in 2011 with Bliss Browne by a Ukrainian media company in Kyiv.

"How do we support communities to do what they love?” An interview in Denmark of Bliss Browne in 2009.

Selected Articles

Nantes Métropole, December 11, 2011, “An interview in French with Bliss Browne about citizen engagement and thinking from the whole about a city.

Inspiring Communities December 2010 (NZ), referencing work by Imagine Chicago

Objectif prévention, December 1, 2008, "Dossier Démarche appréciative - Une saveur intergénérationnelle, sans frontières!

The Christian Science Monitor, September 13, 2001, “Look for what's Right” - Theory of `appreciative inquiry' takes on a community's mental atmosphere

Chicago Tribune, April 19, 1999, "Parents who return to class win rewards - Covers party at the Field Museum for parents and families who participate in the Urban Imagination Network's parent development program.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, February 20, 1999, "Episcopal priest with banking background focuses on value" - Bliss Browne's speeches in St. Louis about Imagine Chicago and its vision to create municipal economies where no one was wasted.

CHICAGO Magazine, January, 1999, "Congratulate the 1998 Mercedes Mentor Award Recipients" - a profile on honoree Bliss Browne and synopsis of Imagine Chicago

Appreciative Inquiry Newsletter, Issue 2, August, 1998, interview with Bliss Browne.

Chicago Tribune, April 23, 1998, "British Make Surprise Landing" - coverage of British Airways World Sales Conference, designed and facilitated by Imagine Chicago

Chicago Tribune, October 17, 1997, "Family Day to Blend Fun with History and Reading" - Locke School and Chicago Historical Society partnership as an example of the Urban Imagination Network program

People Magazine, September 15, 1997, "One in a Hundred" - Imagine Chicago's role in establishing a mentor connection

Chicago Tribune, June 24, 1997, "Hard Work, Chance Meeting Payoff for Inner City Teen" - Imagine Chicago's role in establishing a mentor connection between Tim Wilborn and Gertrude Nielsen.

Chicago Tribune, October 20, 1996, "Cultures to Converge About History and Civics" - coverage of the Making Civic Connections program

Chicago Tribune, October 17, 1996, "History Talks Stir Fires of Melting Pot" - coverage of Imagine Chicago’s Making Civic Connections program funded by the NEH.

Chicago Tribune, June 3, 1995, "Imagine Shaping a Better Chicago" - about the history and founding of Imagine Chicago

Chicago Sun Times, January 26, 1995, "To Build Self Esteem" - Imagine Chicago’s strengthening of families.