About IC


Q: How do I start an Imagine project?

A: Imagine projects have been started all over the world in a variety of ways with a variety of sponsors. They generally begin because a group of people believe things in their community can be better and want to work together to make them so. There is no “right way” to begin. Gather interested friends and colleagues and explore the idea. You can read about how Imagine Chicago got started  or read IC case studies. Imagine Chicago can provide consulting services to interested communities who want to think through how to get started.

Q: Do you offer training for people who want to learn to work the way you do?

A: Yes, Imagine Chicago offers masterclasses and coaching in the US and internationally. Contact us for more information.

Q: What programs does Imagine Chicago run in Chicago now?

A: None. Imagine Chicago now only serves as a trainer, mentor and design consultant to others who wish to develop projects. All of the curriculum materials from Imagine Chicago's earlier programs are freely available under Engagement Toolbox or by contacting Imagine Chicago.

Q: Is Bliss Browne available for speaking engagements?

A: Yes! She can be contacted directly at bliss@imaginechicago.org.

Q. How is Imagine Chicago funded?

A. Imagine Chicago is a 501©3 non profit organization. Its support comes from donations and revenue from speaking engagements and community training and consultation services.