Frameworks for Change


Opening Space for Learning and Creative Engagement

Ask opening questions and set space that

  • Welcomes

  • Establishes focus

  • Invites creative expression and storytelling

  • Establishes a shared identity as a community of knowledge, hope and learning

Your Turn!

  • What is a big hope motivating your life now? Draw a shape that represents it. Then, add a question to your drawing that will draw others into conversation with you about the hope you drew.

  • When was a time you learned beyond doubt that “people working together can make a difference?”

  • Who brings out your best? What specifically do they do? Who do you become in their presence?

  • What have you discovered makes constructive change possible?

  • What question is most alive in your life and work right now… a growing edge you would love the chance to discuss with others here? 

How does one open space for creative engagement?