Frameworks for Change


Engaging Imagination and Inspiring a Sense of Hope and Possibility

We are “pushed” into a new future by events outside our control and “pulled” by what inspires and motivates us. Prior decisions and entrenched habits “weigh” against our moving in a new direction.

  • Inquiring publicly about hopes and dreams can bring deeply held values into public view and help align values and action in a more meaningful direction. 

  • Listening to and respecting what gives meaning and purpose to each other’s lives expands collective inspiration and builds willingness to move forward together.


Your Turn!

 Reflect on

  • Why do you believe people “do what they do?”  

  • What motivates and inspires you most right now? What is the most important direction you have set for your life this year? (PULL of future)

  • What factors outside your control also push in that same direction? Push against that direction? (PUSH of present)

  • What habits are likely to keep you from making that change? (WEIGHT of past)