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$5000 supports the participation of an additional community. This money supports the implementation of UbuMama, the production of two UbuMama garments, compensation to the women participating in the project for their time and work, and the funding to design and establish a new sustainable community safe motherhood project. You may sponsor a community directly, raising the complete funds or raise partial funds and contribute to the next community waiting to participate in UbuMama. 100% of all funds raised will directly support a high risk community, their participation in UbuMama and the development of a safe motherhood project.


It is the hope of the Ubumama team to sponsor an Ubumama project in at least thirty countries where there is an exceptionally high risk of maternal death in childbirth. For a listing of those countries, please click here. We are currently looking for sponsors for Niger, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, Chad, Somalia, Liberia, Angola, Guinea Bissau, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mali, Rwanda and Burundi.

You can fundraise as an individual or with a team or group and Teaming Up can help! Contact us
to receive a fundraising toolkit and organize your participation. Also, click below for a list of fundraising suggestions:

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